Do you know what it is, boric acid? Well, if you have a problem with cockroaches in your home, this article interests you. In this article, we tell you how to use boric acid to kill cockroaches.

For years this compound is used in home and industrial form for the control of insects like cockroaches. It has an immediate effect at the time of contact with the insects.

Kill cockroaches with boric acid is an option to take into account if you encounter problems with this kind of insects in your house or home.

Before starting home remedy with boric acid against cockroaches, let’s understand a little better what is boric acid.

What it is and what is boric acid: a little history

The Boric Acid (H3O) is a slightly acidic chemical, odorless and white.

Boric acid properties are antiseptic, fungicides, and insecticides, among others.

It was discovered by scientist Wilhelm Homberg in the year 1,710 to be used as antifungal and food preservative.

Boric acid to kill and kill cockroaches

Its first use as a home insecticide to eliminate and control cockroaches , flies and termites back to the United States in the year 1,948, its action is based on acting on the exoskeleton of the insect at the time of contact, altering its composition and resulting in the death of it.

It can be added that cockroaches can not be immune to Boric Acid and other chemical compounds.

From Boric Acid several remedies and treatments for various conditions such as vaginal infections, foot fungus, contraceptives, antifungals, antiseptics are prepared and also is a precursor of several chemicals used in industrial products such as may be mentioned disinfectants for floors and fertilizers for vegetable crops on a large scale.

Boric acid to kill flukes

Flukes is the name as known to the German cockroach (usually people think that it is a cockroach “baby” or newborn) and is identified by its small size ie it is a kind of very small roach and a dark parallel lines from the back of the head to the wings.

Usually, plagues flukes are found in kitchens, stoves, sinks, and bathrooms. Chiripa and cockroach common blonde are insects of the same family being the plague of greater economic impact, as well as one of the most common found in homes, sports complexes, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions more, and the importance of its eradication It is that many studies have been isolated several pathogenic bacteria present in samples of cockroaches caught random flukes.

Where is the Boric Acid?

This chemical is found naturally in seawater, some plants, and near volcanic areas around the world. It comes from a compound called Borax; both are similar in chemical composition and are safe and effective for controlling insects at home. They can be bought in supermarkets, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, and health food.

The Boric Acid can be found for sale in various stores in the market, along with other compounds that act as natural insecticides to control pests in the home.

To eradicate insects of our homes have to make an effective plan for several weeks and months, apply to surface at night, and do not leave food that can increase an overpopulation of cockroaches and other vermin.

Do not confuse Boric acid with other compounds which have a similar appearance in color so that you can perform a simple test:

Some boric acid is placed in a metal container with water halfway, then boiled for ten (10) minutes. If the compound is directed to the bottom can be confirmed that if true.

Boric Acid Properties

Below we will list some of the properties of boric acid :

  • It is known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Help minor burns and acne problems
  • Combat athlete’s foot and odor
  • It is used in cleaning floors and bathrooms
  • Used in agricultural industry as fertilizer for vegetables and fruits
  • It is used as a fire retardant in industrial and commercial
  • Powerful insecticide (flukes, termites, cockroaches, and ants)

Preparation of homemade insecticide with boric acid to kill cockroaches

Another option that we have available in the preparation of a home insecticide from Boric Acid powder in combination with sugar, honey, or condensed milk.

How is the insecticide with boric acid prepared to kill roaches?

This is an economical and safe way to prepare a potent insecticidal home and very effective in controlling cockroaches. Apply it with a spoon or spatula, being careful with cutlery, dishes, pots, glasses, and personal items like toothbrushes.

The following ingredients so you can get them accessible at supermarkets near you.

Ingredients to have to prepare an insecticide anti cucarachas with boric acid

  • (1) Medium Coffee
  • (1) teaspoon Boric Acid
  • (1) a teaspoon of white sugar or brown
  • (1) teaspoon condensed milk


To make an effective and economical insecticide in a home can make the following preparation: adds the Boric Acid with sugar and condensed milk in a medium bowl.

Ingredients for five (5) minutes mix well with a small spatula to obtain a paste.

The paste is then placed in various places such as under the kitchen sink, sink, garbage room, shelves, corners, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Remember to leave home insecticide out of the reach of children and pets, to avoid problems of intoxication.

This process can be carried out every two weeks, to control effectively and regularly cockroach population way.

Furthermore must identify the nest to eradicate insects faster, placing the paste into places not frequented.

Advantages of using insecticide Boric Acid Roach

Boric acid as an insecticide for cockroaches home has many advantages, let’s see them:

  • It causes dehydration of the exoskeleton of insects (cockroaches) and does not produce immunity comprising part thereof. Unlike industrial products such as Baygon.
  • It is readily available in pharmacies and markets
  • Low cost compared with other insecticides
  • Does not pollute as spray insecticides such as Baygon and Plagatox
  • It can be applied safely at home, following several safety rules (wearing masks when applied).
  • It could be confused with sodium bicarbonate, which should be identified where the container is stored Boric Acid to avoid poisoning.
  • Durability (several months)

By the way, boric acid has other uses that have nothing to do with ending cockroaches. For example, you know that boric acid also serves as a facial acne treatment?!

Contraindications for use in the home 

The use of the Boric Acid level at home can be useful for multiple purposes with good results. Still, since it is a chemical, you must be careful at the time of application and storage. Then contraindications for the use of Boric Acid are named:

  • Care should be applied on surfaces such as kitchen and bathrooms to prevent accidental ingestion.
  • Not be used in excess skin burns and foot fungus as it may worsen the symptoms of the disease.
  • If ingested, it can cause diarrhea, severe stomach pain, vomiting, stomach bleeding, and sometimes can cause death.
  • There are countries like Spain, where illegal possession of large amounts of this chemical, as it can be used as an agent to create homemade explosives.
  • It can be confused with its aspect colors sodium bicarbonate
  • It is a poisonous chemical compound, so caution should be exercised when handling.
  • IMPORTANT: Boric acid is toxic to dogs and pets!

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