Yellowing of the leaves or their toes

The yellowing occurs after a long period of rain or cold and rain. Due to a constipated, airless soil, the roots do not grow, and the plants suffer from lack of nutrients. Therefore, we must provide for light soil.

Tomato Leaf Curl

The tomato leaves shrivel to protect themselves from the strong sunlight and have a natural defense against the drought, so do not worry.

premature flowering

The lettuce seed requires planning or searching for varieties not disturbed by long days. The lettuce with tender leaves should be sown in early spring, is the most sensitive to the extension of days. But it is the personal experience with the varieties of those who matter most.

The radicchio and endive require special attention. For it must thin out the seedlings do not sowing too early – if the day is long when the plant is already well developed, it will be in bloom.

The onion blooms during the cold. If the clove is too large, the winter cold causes premature flowering, so you should only planting small bulbils (large less than 2 cm). If it’s in bloom, we cut its stem in the shortest possible time.

If the carrot blooms prematurely because of poor cleaning of the variety, the early varieties can bloom even if we eradicate it already too late and if it was cold.

They are even more are the reasons for early flowering, but we can avoid sowing in the period suitable for the plants and providing the plant health.

Bad weather

The best way to avoid problems with the cold is to sow the plants in time. We can help by growing plants instead of sowing outdoors, using covers (straw veil for agriculture), and preparations invigoration of algae or valerian tea.

After the hail storm or wait a few days before moving on to the steps to see the real damage. Where sense we plant new plants because the plants are damaged stoccheggiano more difficult. The plants we remove damaged parts detached and damaged the fruit. Lightly fertilize the plants are useful mineral fertilizers that dissolve quickly, however the orchard organic milk mixture and water or tea with chamomile, sage or thyme. We erpichiamo the ground and cover with an organic mulch. Let’s water the plants with algae preparations or with preparations containing amino acids.

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