All you need to know about mosquito remedies. Mosquito plants, how to fight mosquitoes, mosquito the best resources, and how to block and prevent their bites.

To begin with, in every country in the world, there are mosquitoes and flies. Some plants manage to be grudges mosquitoes, mosquito ie, plants that can become deadly for these annoying little bugs that bite in legs and arms, damaging the skin.

The mosquito plants that help our skin

They are sticky plant origin, where the bugs can be caught and then die. There are also other not very common, carnivorous plants mosquito, whose mechanism is locking the mosquitoes quickly between their leaves, remaining there even death, putrefaction, and then feed nutrients.

Ideal to place plants in the gardens are those that emanate odors that mosquitoes do not like, you can consider repellent plants. The most common plants whose function is to repel mosquitoes include:

  1. Honeysuckle is a plant that smells good, smells are summer and look very nice. Repels mosquitoes, and many are not harmful to other plants in your garden. It grows very quickly and abundantly. It is also a sort of climbing plant that can, therefore, be used to decorate walls or ceilings.
  2. Romero, combat mosquitoes, and dandruff.
  3. Basil is a native plant in Spain and other countries of Latin America, which is ideal to end the plague of mosquitoes. This type of plant needs heat, but not much. It combines lemon with a cinnamon smell, which is very helpful to rub on the skin. Putting basil in windows and doors, it is prevented from invading flies home.

Struggling against mosquitoes

You’ve heard that there are people who have blood for mosquitoes. Well, more than 20% of people are attracted to these critters and usually have more likely to bite more to them than others.

What causes this attraction of mosquitoes?

Research shows that 80% is a responsible gene. There are other reasons, such as the color of clothing worn, being most attractive to mosquitoes dark colors.

Another factor is the blood group of the blood type O being the favorite flies. Also, they influence skin type, amount of pH, and pregnant women often receive more punctures.

Home Remedies mosquito

How repel mosquitoes naturally

Now that there are solutions to attack this plague that affects the skin of people. Here are some home methods are described to help remove them:

  1. Lemons with cloves, in the summer, is where these mosquitoes more appear. For this remedy, the juice of half a lemon and cloves or spices of cloves is needed. In a small squeeze bottle and then add lemon cloves, there is no exact measure. It can be placed in the room or in the bedroom where mosquitoes abound. In the following video the preparation of the detailed remedy
  2. Using oils with candles, candles are produced based on essential oils, manage effectively combat mosquitoes are accurate to place on the outside of the house and porch or garden. We recommend using ingredients that are non – toxic, can be used incenses, the most effective is smells like eucalyptus, lemon, lavender.
  3. The nets, if those we often see on the cradles of babies or children beds when the epidemic of mosquito attacks. It is more susceptible to chemicals. Not only in cribs or beds, but they are also appropriate places to place the mesh can be windows or doors, preventing the invasion of this world indoors. 
  4. Design a trap for mosquitoes, a plastic bottle empty two liters, water, vinegar, sugar, scissors, container to mix the ingredients used. Started pouring in the tank some vinegar and then add sugar water, stir well until well dissolved, you can warm up a bit to help dissolve in total, about four tablespoons sugar. Then cut with scissors funnel carafe, the rest of the bottle is cut in half. He is then taken from the top to funnel the bottle. The mixture of sugar and vinegar is added into the bottle and cap with the funnel and taped. Subsequently, yeast is added, which will make a reaction with CO2 producing vinegar; mosquitoes are attracted to the sugar to fall into the container will want to escape because no oxygen and become choked with co2,  a mosquito. 

Protective measures to prevent mosquito bites

You did not know that mosquitoes plan the attack bite a person being about 50 meters away. Male mosquitoes are not interested in blood, but females have another story to tell. Seeking females feed on iron to produce and lay eggs.

Also, to prevent female mosquitoes attack, it is best not to be in contact with them. You can avoid being at home during sunrise or sunset, and this period when flies are most active. Some preventive measures mosquito :

  • Wear clothing color, not so dark, loose, cover your arms and legs, wear long pants, gloves.
  • a fan can help these bugs flee
  • To avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, we must tackle the problem from the root. That is from the farm to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • If you can not avoid being bitten by using hot compresses or either cold mosquito, another option is to cover the bite with tape to minimize itching.

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