They grow from seedlings (with root ball) or sow outdoors. Sow in rows and erpichiamo regularly because he needs to land with good air circulation. Can already if temperatures exceed 5 ° C, the optimal temperatures for growth and development revolve around 18 ° C.


Among the file at least 20 cm, the plants in a row next to each other.


Associate do mezzombra.


Up to 5 plants per person.

Date of sowing

Outdoor March-early May, July, mid-August to mid-September; to spend the winter in September and October; shoots for March and April. The summer sowings must necessarily be placed in the shade. Sprouts about two weeks.


The second parcel, after which the plants were fertilized with manure. It does not require fertilization. We should not fertilize with nitrogen.


Usually not necessary. The summer sowings are watered so that the seed sprouts.

Good Neighbors

Cabbage, tomatoes, beans, broad beans, potatoes, celery, onion, parsnip, basil, strawberries, sweet corn. The sow in plants that are usually attacked by article.

bad neighbors

beetroot, spinach

Diseases and pests

We prevent diseases with fertilizer made from seaweed and light earth. Ladybugs the orchard shall provide no insecticide lice, who occasionally attack this plant. Mites will be less if you do not fertilize.


The leaves are used fresh, just cut you need. We do not store in the refrigerator. Before freezing, we burn it and quickly cool it in cold water.


The leaves must be cooked or used fresh. We remove the stalks, cooked spinach to add milk (attracts harmful oxalates). We consume new plants and new dishes, waiting to contain nitrites.


Show the irregularities related to the elements in the soil content. Its roots contain saponins that increase the absorption of nutrients in the cells of the sources, so let its origins in the land. It can not stand frequent sowing on the same site. It requires an adequate content of potassium in the soil. The is good hoeing and maintaining a light ground. It can not stand the accumulation of water in the land.

Special features

It is one of the healthiest plants and rich in vitamins. It is used as a green manure plant to green.

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